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Trialog - the third party in the meeting

Do the youth in Your town feel that they are being taken seriously and that their experiences are seen as assets in decision-making? Or do You miss the opportunity to listen to their ideas and visions concerning what they think is important? Do the students at Your school know the best ways to learn? Do they have the opportunity to influence how the will learn? Or are they ignored and become convinced that "no one would want to listen to me anyway"?

Irrespective of the extent of participation, in order to be democratic, participation needs to be encouraged constantly.

Trialog provides that encouragement.
Trialog brings parties together for a worthwhile, live dialog. Trialog has substantive examples from several forms of work promoting participation, which have been published by the Swedish Board for Youth Affairs and Plan International. Trialog specializes in youth's participation in decisions in schools as well as at local, regional and national levels.
• School democracy - students and parents influencing school matters.
• Youth political action - young people taking part in the decision making process in arenas other than schools.

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    This is happening here and now! An example of commitment, in the midst of their daily routines - youth actively planning for a society they believe in.

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